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Project Overview: Waggoner Residence

When introduced to the Waggoner’s by one of our interior design partners, they admitted their new downtown loft was the realization of a dream, however, it was also the end of another. Mr. Waggoner has always wanted to build a large screen home theater. However this had to be done within the open design of the loft and all brick walls. A task that he didn’t think it was possible. He resigned to the idea of needing to compromise by installing a 60” HDTV onto one of the lofts wooden pillars in the middle of the living room. This was a legitimate solution, but Mrs. Waggoner was disheartened because the screen would take up a significant amount of space in the living room and be “an eyesore when not being used”.

After much thought and several engineering victories, we were able to build the system that Mr. & Mrs. Waggoner had envisioned. Their dream was fulfilled by installing a 190” retractable hi-definition home theater with stunning Klipsch Audio Surround Sound and all requested media sources. This included the use of Apple TV for photo slideshows on the big screen and On Demand hi-definition movie rentals. These requests were particularly import to Mrs. Waggoner.

We are very proud of our work on this project and our ability to meet each challenge with a solution that led to even greater performance than imagined without compromising the loft’s overall design.

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Product used: Pioneer Electronics & Blu-Ray – Panasonic Projection – Vutec Screen – Klipsch Speakers – Apple TV – Wii Gaming System – SONOS Multi-Room Music System

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