About Us

Your Digital Concierge provides premium equipment sales, installation, set-up, technical support and personalized training for both residential and commercial clients on:

    • Digital Audio   • Gaming
    • Hi-Definition Video   • Computing
    • Video Surveillance   • Networking

Why our clients need us:

In today’s mass-market electronics retail environment the drive for high-volume sales has decreased the quality and availability of personalized technical support and purchase assistance. This problem is compounded by the rapid, yet bewildering, development of digital technologies that improve the user’s productivity, efficiency and entertainment. These benefits are a fact. However, due to the perceived difficulty of embracing new technologies, buyers don’t purchase. This choice is reinforced by prior experiences that ended in frustration and wasted dollars.

We understand that the average customer typically has little idea what the best digital component is to purchase, or which new technologies they should embrace to meet their needs and maximize return on their investment. Buyers typically end up getting whatever their sales person recommends - usually the items the store is trying to get rid-of or that offer the greatest commission.

What we offer:

Your Digital Concierge provides premium component sales, consulting, technical service and personalized training that allow our clients to adopt the digital technologies they desire for home, personal or business use. And we do it without the hassle, confusion, or helplessness that usually comes with the purchase and long-term use. We assist our clients with targeted product selections, installation, set-up, calibration and training. Then we offer first-class post-sales support to ensure total satisfaction.

We are technology geeks and love to stay on top of all the products available on the market. We know who makes the best digital components in every category and make it our mission to share this knowledge with our clients and then support them for as long as they own them.

What our clients experience:

When contacting a Digital Concierge, each client will encounter a highly-trained technical expert who will take the time to understand their client’s level of expertise, product and service requirements. They then present them with a clear and easy-to-understand sales, service and training proposal that meets their needs - nothing more and nothing less.

Every Digital Concierge understands that our clients expect the best technical service they have ever experienced. Your Digital Concierge has unwavering patience and the understanding they are not finished until each client is fully informed and satisfied.

For more information, call us at 619.795.2473 or email us at Support@YourDigitalConcierge.com.

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